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Tuesday’s Tidbit

Helpful, Hopeful Wednesday: Triggers: Especially at the Holidays

Tuesday’s Tidbit

Good Listen: Porn a Public Health Crisis?

Utah Senator Todd Weiler: Is pornography a public health crisis? Todd Weiler, Utah Senate District 23 Listen HERE

Tuesday’s Tidbit

Book Spotlight: Beyond Affairs by Peggy & James Vaughan

Some consider this an old classic. #dearpeggy Click HERE for more!

Book Spotlight: Pornland

Cutting edge research and heart-gripping information in this important read… Don’t miss out! Get Gail Dines book HERE


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Helpful, hopeful is a collection of resources and information to assist you with transforming your pain into wholeness and restoring the new you. Check out our video page and blog roll. More to come so join our mailing list for updates!

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