Hope and Freedom Intensive

This powerful couples Intensive is for relationships that:

  • Have been devastated by sexual betrayal and secrets
  • Feel damaged beyond repair due to compulsive sexual behavior, sex addiction, and broken trust.

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Resilient Marriage Intensive

This advanced couples recovery Intensive is designed to spark resiliency in relationships that are stuck because:

  • There has been a relapse
  • Rebuilding trust is paralyzed
  • Emotional or physical intimacy is at a stalemate
  • Empathy is underdeveloped

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Complex Partner Trauma Intensive

The trauma you’ve been through doesn’t have to write the rest of your story. You need a game plan to get your bearings and heal. Do you have one?

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R.A.D.I.A.N.T. Individual Intensive Track

You can and will reclaim yourself. It takes time but you will find a new normal despite years of history and routine invested with your ex-spouse. Looking for a jumpstart?

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